About W. Olsen & Søn A/S

W. Olsen & Søn A/S was founded in 1936 by the Olsen Family. W. Olsen & Søn A/S manufactures many different types of moulding tools for e.g. the automotive industry, the packaging industry and metal foundries. We also manufacture moulding tools for construction and modelling work.

We have many years of experience with special projects in the industry and quality and safe delivery are our main concern.

W. Olsen & Søn A/S has great expertise and can enter into projects within:

• Subject construction
• Prototypes as 3D-printed, milled or turned forward
• Prototype moulds which are manufactured quickly
• Mould construction
• EPS and EPP tools
• Vacuum moulds
• Moulds for rubber
• Blow moulds, PUR moulds and glass moulds
• Capacity
• Blasting
• Milling
• Scanning
• Water jet cutting

Machine list

With a machining range of:

CNC milling machine.
3 axis: 2100 x 140mm
5 axis: 850 x 700mm
Water cutter: 4000 x 2000mm

  • CNC Johnford ——————— 3 axis vertical
  • CNC Johnford ——————— 3 axis vertical
  • CNC Hermle B300U ————- 5 axis
  • CNC Hermle C40U ————— 5 axis
  • CNC Okuma MB66 VA ———- 3 axis
  • CNC Okuma ———————- 3 axis
  • CNC Okuma ———————– 3 axis
  • CNC Flexmill ———————- 3 axis
  • Lathe Tos SN 40 C
  • Water jet cutter
  • Glassblowing
  • Blowing with sand and steel balls

Work environment & Policies at
W. Olsen & Søn A/S

  • At W. Olsen & Søn A/S, we work purposefully to create a safe and progressive work environment for all employees. We therefore ensure that our employees are trained to carry out their work tasks in a safe and sound manner

  • We are convinced that good working conditions are the prerequisite for an efficient working day, and therefore we make sure to follow rules and legislation regarding the work environment within our profession as well as meet regulatory requirements.

  • At W. Olsen & Søn A/S, there is room for everyone regardless of gender, age and ethnicity. New employees with other ethnic backgrounds than Danish are partnered with an experienced employee who can support them throughout the training period.

  • For us, a healthy soul and a healthy body as well as happy and satisfied employees go hand in hand with a good work environment.
    We see a healthy lifestyle and good well-being as a natural part of our everyday lives.

  • Happy and satisfied employees are our most important resource.

Result of supervision

As we stated during the visit on 21 March 2018 at W OLSEN & SØN MODELFABRIK A/S, Førslev Tuerum 4, 4690 Haslev, where we spoke with owner Lars Olsen and work environment representative Bjørn Nielsen, it is our assessment that the company’s work environment is in order.

Green smiley

The company therefore gets a green smiley on our website. This means that the company has nothing outstanding with the Danish Working Environment Authority.

The green smiley is thus also a signal to the outside world that the company has its work environment in order. The green smiley is valid for five years if the company has not received an injunction in the meantime, and can only be extended after a new inspection.

Brochure, catalog and quality manual

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